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Game 7’s and Life

Maybe next year...

Tonight, after a month of following our new hometown’s team, we watched withsadness as the Texas Rangers lost the World Series to St. Louis.

First, congratulations go to the victor.  You played well.  You won.

But for those of us in North Texas, from the lifelong to the “freshly pressed” among us, Ron Washington and the boys sure made October exciting!  My son and daughter enjoyed going over to Granny and Pa’s house every other night to watch “buh-ball” as Rita calls it, enjoying the dinners and desserts almost as much as the games.

So my kids got their first lesson in heartbreak, in getting hopes up high and then having them deflated like a toy balloon pricked by a sewing needle.

As a Mets fan, I could have just told them what it’s like; but some things have to be learned.


401 and Counting…

Well, I thought I’d take a break after posting #400.  So what if my rant on that article didn’t win me blogger of the year accolades?  I actually had more important things to tend to yesterday.  Their names are Benedict and Rita.

I took both kids into the doctor to have some things checked.  Rita’s nose had become infected from all the wiping in the past week.  Ben had started to recover from his cold but seemed to be developing a rash on his face.

Guess who both tested positive for strep?!

It was bound to happen.  Actually the doctor also discovered an infection in Rita’s ear and noticed that Ben’s strep had actually progressed to Scarlet Fever.  They are remarkably cheery for two very sick children.  So we stayed in and watch the Rangers lose in horrendous fashion and then went to bed.  All in all, not a terrible evening.

I don't think they quarantine people for this anymore.

Tonight, I’m trying something new with my Gmail contacts so they’ll sync better with my Apple stuff.  Then it’s off to bed.