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Dumb Uses for Smart Phones

Just downloaded the Brostache app. My kids and I get a chuckle out of it. That’s all.



POSTADAY2012 !!! Who’s With Me?

Please? For me?

Am I possibly the only WordPress-er who is a bit dismayed at the lack of any official WP PaD2012 tag?  Come on, WordPress People!  I had so much fun with PaD2011.  Not to mention, I’m sure the Postaday results page fed a LOT of people into my blog.

If you read this and you’re with me (you want to see an official tag for Postaday2012) then click LIKE, repost, do whatever to get WordPress’ attention.

If not, I’ll keep blogging with the tag on my own.  Maybe those of us blogging with this tag will get to know each other.

Prague Blog is Here!

The Infant of Prague

Well, it’s not actually here but…

Click overto my newest blog to learn more!

I sincerely hope you enjoy.  As if posting to one blog every day wasn’t enough I felt called to write another.  Tell your friends, pass it on.  Above all, please subscribe, read, and let me know what you think.

Thanks guys!

Last Post of the First Day

Again, WordPress has mangled something. Look at these numbers. Clearly by my clock it is still January 1st and yet I’m showing 7 hits already for the second. I’ll just tack them on to the tally for the 1st and we’ll call it 102.


How About 17?

Ok, to get those seventeen undecideds to click on here’s a picture. Enjoy!


63 More?

Just hangin’ at the playground with the kids on a lazy, quiet Sunday which happens to be New Year’s Day 2012.

It’s so lazy, in fact that I am 63 views off from my target of 100 per day.

Let’s get crackin’ people!

Neighborhood playground. Note the giant sunscreen for the North Texas sun.

The Prison Gift Shop

Kind of an odd title for my first post of 2012, right? Actually, you might notice that I tagged this post with “postaday2012” and I’m not even sure WordPress is hosting a 2012 event. Oh well, I might be the only one but I’m going to do it!

Now to the topic at hand… Take a good look at this picture:


If you guessed that this is an ashtray, then you are correct. If you guessed that it is made from an old Oklahoma license plate, then you’re not only correct but have a really good eye.

But if you guessed that this item came from the gift shop of the OK State Penitentiary, then you are both correct and twisted. Seriously, how could yo know that? Here’s the story.

My mother-in-law, Wilma, used to work for AT&T handling large accounts. One such account required her to drive from Dallas up into Oklahoma every so often to the state pen. On one of her visits, fed up with the cat calls of the lusty, grungy male prison population as she passed through cell block G, she decided to treat herself with a visit to the gift shop. A she told me this story for the first time a few years ago I asked the question you may now be asking yourself.

“There’s a gift shop at the prison?!”

Well don’t say it like that… I mean, think about it. You’re visiting a loved one in the clink and you want something to remember the place by. Or how about, you’re on your way in to see someone and you realize it’s his birthday. What to do? Gift shop!

And, of course, what is it that prisoners are known for making (apart from toothbrush shanks and “tender love” to their prison spouses)? License plates! At the OK State Pen Gift Shop it’s all about the plates. Wilma figured an ashtray was versatile and, made of high grade, durable tin, would certainly stand the test of time. When I came into the family, she bequeathed it to yours truly.

Tonight I blog about it.

It’s the gift that has kept on giving.