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I Resolve…

Famed American poet Robert Frost penned these lovely words:

“I have promises to keep… and miles to go before I sleep.”

I’m pretty sure he wrote that.  Or something like it.  Look, it’s been a long day.  I can’t even be sure that I just wrote what preceded this sentence.  Either way, isn’t that a peaceful sentiment?  If he didn’t write it, perhaps I can claim it as my own.  I mean, I did just write it, didn’t I?


Miles…  Bastard. Courtsey: Wikimedia Commons

On second thought, maybe it’s not so peaceful.  Apart from the nod to Dionne Warwick and keeping promises or being all through with promises, promises now; I don’t know how I got the nerve to walk out.  Wait, where was I?  Yes!  Miles to go, Bobby?  Really?  I taught three classes, chaired a few meetings, sat in a total of two hours of traffic, hosted a dinner party, played father to my children, AND plunged a toilet full of shit.  See child #2 on that last one.  Hasn’t been feeling so hot lately.  Oh wait, “child #2″…  Ha.  I just caught that.  But seriously, miles?  Right about now I’m itching to climb into my bed which is a mere feet away and watch a few episodes of Making a Murderer before crashing like the Hindenburg.  Too soon?  Yeah, I’ll do feet, not miles.  Screw you, Frost.

Speaking of promises, here’s today’s daily prompt from the Daily Post.

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

And the answer is…


Good night, folks!