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Back at the Bar

Those who know me might immediately assume I mean the kind that serve gin. 

However I’m talking about my trusty pull up bar. 

I haven’t actually been away from it. Far from it. I’m continuing to build myself up to greater things with it. 

Having gotten to where I can do three sets of ten in a row I’m looking for something loftier. 

Starting today I’m going to increase the number in each set until I can hit 30 straight pull ups

Now THAT’S a goal. 



I'm Harvey Millican!

…With apologies to Jean Valjean.

OK, marmosets, now go look it up.
OK fine.  Here it is.

Aaaanyway…  I have a few things in mind about which to write this fine evening so you can take your pick.  However, I advise reading all of them as every thing I write, I write from the heart.  I won’t say I’ll be crushed if you don’t read but I might just cry uncontrollably for a few hours (days).  First up, our canned topic for the evening.  To new readers (hello), I’ve been participating in WordPress’ Post A Day 2011 Challenge since January 1st.  Each and every day a new sample topic appears in my inbox.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of writing every day but have not always enjoyed the topics.  Sometimes I pull a Palin and go rogue.  Tonight’s topic, though, is intriguing so here goes.

What do you want to accomplish with your blog? What is it for?

The first thing I hope to accomplish is simply to write the thing.  I LOVE writing.  No, that’s not true.  24 hour news channel weather forecasters LOVE freak weather phenomena like, I don’t know, a tornado inside of a blizzard spawned by a tropical storm over the equator.  On Mars.  No, I REALLY LOVE writing.  I blog because it forces me to write even when I think I don’t have the time.  Everyone needs a hobby.  One of my brothers knits.  Not sure what he knits since he only ever appears to be playing with a ball of yarn like a cat, but he does something.  I write because I enjoy it.

Following up on that very self-centered reason, I hope to encourage people to see life from a different perspective.  So many of my observations arise out of the fact that I saw or perceived an event from a different angle than most would.  Usually this involves a humorous approach but sometimes I see a touching or emotional side that others might miss.  Then again, even the tender moments have some humor.  Why, who wouldn’t crack a smile at the thought of a primordial dwarf stepping out of the cab of a semi-tractor at a rest stop on the Interstate?  Sure, there’s the whole “humanity” of the moment.  She’s clearly just making a living, working hard, and keeping the engines of commerce firing on all cylinders but come on… you know you want to chuckle.  It’s just not something you see every day.

I'm pretty sure the College of Cardinals might declare me anathema.

Finally, I like to share what little specialized knowledge I have.  I don’t claim to be an expert on anything.  I do have a pretty decent grasp of Catholic theology and of religion and spirituality in general and I think many more lives would be enriched if people only understood their faith better.  I devote my life to raising my two darling children and absolutely anything I encounter in this regard which might help another parent is mine to share.  I am also a maven of 70’s Eurodisco, if that helps.  You know what?  If that does help anyone I’d like to meet that person.

Surprisingly tasteful considering the object of love.

So there you have it.  Now I have to somehow take these three points, shorten them, and stick them in my sidebar.  Then again, being a good Catholic I’m going to check Canon Law first as I thought sidebars were supressed after Vatican II.

On to the next topic.