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Keep the Prayers Coming

I really enjoyed our online novena last week.  It was nice to know that I was being prayed for and to pray for others, not just my own intentions.  It was also especially gratifying to spread devotion to St. Rita.


St. Cajetan (Gaetano) the Theatine, patron of the unemployed and job-seekers.

Things started to move on the job front, if only slightly.  You have to understand that I’ve never been in this position.  I resigned from my job and I am 100% positive this was the right decision.  I know God is asking me to trust Him right now.  I know He will lead me somewhere better.  Tonight I had a meeting with the principal of a phenomenal school.  We spoke openly and honestly and it certainly looks like there might be a job for me there.  Next school year.

So that leaves me with next month…

It will be interesting for sure.  I will probably have to take non-teaching work in the meantime which is not something I was looking for.  So for the sake of humor I will now walk through a few possible scenarios.



Everyone’s favorite government agency is ALWAYS hiring.  Lucky for me I have a MAJOR airport five miles from my house.  The up side?  I love airports.  The down side?  I hate putting my hands on other guys’ legs.  True, I could have some fun with the X-ray machines imagining things that aren’t really there and then calling them in.  Also, I understand that people in these kinds of jobs are generally not altogether there.  With a pinch of ingenuity and a pulse I could be a real standout.  Unfortunately I don’t look good in blue.



Actual Nordstrom where I worked years ago.  Or not.  They all look alike.

When I was in college I worked in a Nordstrom department store.  My customer service skills are top notch.  It also helped that I worked for the only retail outlet on the planet where they say the customer is always right and then actually mean it.  I remember one time I took a return.  It was a $1000 leather jacket that had not been purchased in a Nordstrom.  We know this because we had never sold that jacket.  Furthermore it was 20 years old, frayed, and had a dead rat in the breast pocket.  Apparently Mr. Nordstrom believed it was better to have a satisfied customer in the store with cash in his hand than to upset the delicate flower.  I remembered those words as the customer was quickly exiting the store with a thousands bucks in hand laughing at the security camera.


This could work.  I like to eat fast food.  By that logic, though, I should work in a liquor store.  Let’s come back to this one…


You know I used to work as a writer and producer in this exciting medium.  If I was any good I’d have been the breakout star of 2005.  Still, there are several large media outlets in my neck of the woods.  Unfortunately not only can I not get the Texas drawl down but I can’t seem to shake my Jersey accent.  I’d be a bigger fish out of water than that large fish a friend of mine caught.  Wow that was a really bad literary device.



See… I couldn’t get this huge if I tried.

I’d consider the FBI if I weren’t too old.  I’d consider a police force but my back injuries would probably rule me out.  I’d consider the fire department.  Let’s think about this one.  1) Every fireman I know is ridiculously huge – like GI Joe proportions only taller.  Yes Grady, even you.  There isn’t enough protein in the world to make this frame that size.  2) Having lived through a multiple-fatal house fire as a child the psychological trauma of running into a burning building would make it impossible for me to do my job.  3) I can only imagine the first time an alarm rings and I have to shimmy down the pole.  I would think of a TV segment I produced for a news program in New York.  It was about a new workout called “the stripper workout”.  Seriously.  The mental image of our aging anchor dancing around a pole would make me incontinent with laughter and I would fall through the hole in the floor breaking multiple bones.  Thus I would be rendered incapable of fighting fires that day.

So there you have it.  Looks like I’ll have to get creative.  I’m open to suggestions so let’s hear ’em.  Or you could just continue to pray for me.  Otherwise I’m going to get real familiar with Wendy Williams and Kelly Ripa.  That’s a fate worse than death.


Disappointments and Fear

Hello children…  Remember, I’m writing these pages for you?  One day in the future you’ll read this and either think you’re dad was crazy in a funny way or just plain crazy.  Either way, I hope you get a laugh.

Lately I’ve been worried about a few things.  When you read this I hope you appreciate that there were times (usually after I had put you to bed) where I wasn’t always smiling, laughing, and having fun.  I always have fun when you two are with me and as long as I remind myself of you when you’re not then I can be happy again.

First, I’ve been in a bit of physical pain of late.  Remember that I saw the dentist the other day?  Well, your dad has a problem with pain.  The thing is I really want to be able to accept it with all the bravery and flint-faced determination of a first century martyr.  The only problem is that I lack the will.  I want so much to take on the suffering that Our Lord offers me and offer it up to Him– to share in the pain of Christ on the cross  — but at the first hint of discomfort I can’t help but make my misery known.  This time it’s my jaw that’s sore from being propped open for three hours while the doctor did my root canal.  It will get better, I know; but that’s little consolation here and now.  Fortunately, you two make me laugh so much that I don’t think you’ll ever see the pain in my eyes, thus lending to your impression of me as Superman.

This is what we're told to glorify.

Speaking of Superman, I want you to promise me that you will never become self-obssessed.  It’s serves no one any good.  A few years ago I started lifting weights.  I started because I wanted to improve my health after recovering from my spinal surgery.  I found that I enjoyed it.  But somewhere along the line I crossed paths with a sickening mentality that I needed to be perfect in my physical appearance.  The laughable thing to anyone who’s seen me in person is that this notion is as unachievable as one hoping to see a cat pilot an airplane or waiting for Christina Aguiliera to release a decent album.  God I hate our culture.

Your mom and I are planning our summer road trip.  Every time she mentions a stop at a beach or anywhere with a pool I am overcome with a sense of fear that goes way back to a specific moment in my childhood.  I remember the moment so clearly.  Someone called me fat.  At the age of nine I did not have the presence of mind to tell him to get bent and so I carried that with me all these years.  Isn’t that silly?  Yet I still loathe the idea of being seen without a shirt.  People have some pretty crazy fears, kids.  Now, that one I was telling you about clowns?  That one’s very real.  Clowns are psychotic.  That’s a fact.  It’s right to be scared of them.

Last night I posted a “status” on a thing called “Facebook”.  It was a social tool that people used to use to share the boring details of their lives with hundreds of people who probably didn’t care.  I’m sure you have something like it in the future.  This status simply said “Oh how I wish I had gone into a real profession.”  Well, there’s a lot of truth to that kids.  I did not post it for the sympathetic reactions of my friends although they are very thoughtful and appreciated.  I certainly hope that by the time you get around to reading this I had figured out a way to earn some real money.  You know I really enjoy what I do as a teacher.  I love it for all the same reasons I loved working in TV production.  I’ve always enjoyed finding things out and then sharing them with others.  Plus, I get to be like a little celebrity in my classroom.  The kids all love me.  They laugh at my jokes.  There is a genuine affection that I truly appreciate.  But affection and adulation don’t pay the bills and I’ve always wondered how our lives would have been different if I had taken a different job years ago.

World class, all right...

I know, I would never have been in the lives of those few thousand kids and they wouldn’t have been in mine either.  That’s a sad thought.  Promise me that you’ll choose your paths wisely so you never know the agony of disappointment in yourself.  Better yet, promise me you’ll pray every day that God will show you the path He created for you.  There may well not be any money on that road and it may be filled with potholes; but I guarantee it will lead to happiness and true peace.  I just don’t know if I’m on my path or His right now.

So tomorrow morning when I get up at 5:30 to go lift weights (knowing I won’t see any real results) and then go off to teach the faith (knowing that I definitely won’t see any real results) I’m just going to think of the both of you.  I’m going to look at your pictures at my desk all day long and smile because they remind me that I’ve done at least a couple of things right with my life and because they give me such hope.