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Amidst all the other things going on I almost skipped mentioning a milestone.


Finally, some good news!

Look at that! I got 500 (501) followers!

Thank you Worspress’ers.

I appreciate each and every one of you.  But especially tonight I appreciate blogger WhatAreYouWritingABook.  He was the 500th.

Thank you and let’s aim for 1,000.


Missing Old Stats

I’ve always been curious about this issue. That is, what in the world happened with my stats a couple of years ago?!

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one as Debbi, a phenomenal blogger, commented in this post from February 2013 that she wondered the same thing.

For reference, there was a time when my stats were topping out routinely in the upper hundreds range, nearing a thousand. Like, every day.

I think WordPress recalculated how they measure these things; but I still long for those old days of high numbers. They were fun.

Anyway, happy Friday folks!  I’m just doing my usual pre-dawn thing.  Checking out my blog and drinking my coffee while I delay getting ready for work.  Enjoy the day.  I’ll be back later with a response to the prompt.


Typical day once upon a time.  Check out the old WP iOS interface.

I’m A Stats Monster

I wanted to write “Stats Whore” but thought better of it

Take a look at this…


So what happened? I have my suspicions. For starters, WordPress changed the way they calculate stats. Second, I know I haven’t been the most faithful blogger. Also, the spike in numbers in February and March 2012, correspond to a series of blogs I wrote about my great-nephew being born prematurely and I believe the tags drove a lot of traffic to my site.

However, I will admit that I would kill a nun in full habit for those kind of numbers again.

That is one reason I truly look forward to the beginning of the year. Challenges issued by WordPress such as Postaday 2011, 2012, and now the Zero to Hero challenge always seem to attract new followers to this blog.

So, buoyed by this hope I will Press on. If any of you, my newfound followers and friends, have any suggestions about boosting stats please share them with me. Until next time, happy blogging!

The Dogwoods Are in Blossom Again

One day this past summer I discovered that my stats had spiked to tremendous levels.  I went from having an average of around a hundred views per day to just over a thousand.  The culprit, if you like, after some examination, appears to have been a post I wrote over a year earlier about a dogwood tree I had given my wife for her birthday.  I had used the tag “dogwood tree” and for some reason on this particular day that term had generated a huge amount of interest.

This evening I noticed that my stats are back up.  They’re not up like they were that day this summer but they’re up and it seems the search term “dogwood tree” is again responsible.  So I thought I’d post a picture of one of these beauties for those who have traveled over to read about them as a sign of appreciation.  Thanks!

It's so pink!

It’s so pink!

PostAnHour 5

Well, will you look at that? It seems that even though my stats are down, this is the best day for my blog for likes! This is all courtesy of the new WordPress app notifications feature.

Look carefully at the second line.

The PostAnHour Challenge

I'll get to that bullseye.Photo: Wikimedia Commons

I’ll get to that bullseye.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

No, it’s not officially sponsored by WordPress and, guess what, I’m most likely not going to post every hour (although I might, in which case you best be reading).  I’m just trying to get my numbers back up to something more like what I’m used to seeing.  This early February slump is not fun to watch.

My little micro-burst of information this hour is that I got a few likes on the last post.  That’s not usually news in itself; but some of the likes came from people who had not previously liked anything — as far as I know.  Then again, maybe they’re been liking stuff all along and my lack of sensitivity to my readers is contributing to my drop.  Whatever the reason, I do not care.  One of the “likers” appears to be from England.  She certainly seems to be writing from London although that could be Ontario.  Either way, she writes a blog dealing with fashion issues.  I have decided to like one of her posts and to follow.  This is not because I love fashion but because I am a not-so-secret Anglophile.

More to come in 60 minutes…

Throwing Things to See What Sticks

Let's hope this works...Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Let’s hope this works…
Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Well I’ve about reached the end of my rope.  Can anyone explain why my blog stats have dropped so low?  And don’t say it’s because my writing stinks.  I mean, that may be true but you don’t have to say that hurtful stuff.

Well, I’m prepared to do anything to bring my numbers back up.

Just as a flat tire needs a constant stream of air pumped in; so too will I keep posting — even if only in short bursts — to see if we can’t prime this pump.