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Amidst all the other things going on I almost skipped mentioning a milestone.


Finally, some good news!

Look at that! I got 500 (501) followers!

Thank you Worspress’ers.

I appreciate each and every one of you.  But especially tonight I appreciate blogger WhatAreYouWritingABook.  He was the 500th.

Thank you and let’s aim for 1,000.


Cheers to You!

Thank you!

That goes to everyone who’s ever read this blog but especially those of you who’ve taken the time to hit the “follow” button. There are, as of this evening, 401 of you. Just three weeks ago that number had been stalled at 265.

Thank you!


New bloggers, I share this so you know that it seems to have worked (my give to get plan). If more followers are what you want, start following.

Almost Forgot…

She may dispute me, but her name has an "h" in it.

She may dispute me, but her name has an “h” in it.

A word of congratulations is in order for my friend, my top commenter Annie!  Her daughter cHrista recently got engaged!  We’re all so excited.  God’s blessings as you begin your planning!!!  If you need help, just remember that I was once offered a job as a producer of the cable reality show Who’s Wedding Is It Anyway?


PostAnHour 9

My mother-in-law, Wilma, just came over for a visit.  Walking up the front path she saw me on the porch.

You haven’t posted in a while.

She smiled as she said this.

I’ve been reading your posts all day, every hour, on the hour…

Now that’s a dedicated follower!