McCarrick: Come Clean!

On his blog at The Catholic Thing, Msgr. Gerald Murray of the Archdiocese of New York posted an open letter to Theodore McCarrick.  I urge you to read it here.

A selection:

“Now that you have been exposed, you have retreated into a silence that is only a further instance of your lifelong pattern of deception and deceit.

For the good of your soul and the Church, you must end your cowardly silence and step before the world and tell the truth about your crimes, and about your misuse of your high position.”

Short and to the point.  Teddy McCarrick is a narcissist, though, and will likely never admit guilt publicly.

I swear I wake up every morning these past few months and ask myself if I really did know the man who now threatens to bring the Church to her knees.  It’s like realizing your business associate was Lucifer and you just never saw it.

Demonic.  Diabolical.

More to come.

Pray for the Church.


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