Benedict and Rita South by Southwest, 2011:Day 6

Tonight I decided that the time had come for me to make use of these old family stories of mine and turn the blog into a bedtime story for my little angel. I really enjoyed re-reading this one. Perhaps you will too!

Harvey Millican: Raising Your Kids Without Lowering Your IQ

There is a show on HGTV that I have always liked. It is called House Hunters. In this show the hostess, Suzanne Whang, cheerfully narrates the story of an individual or couple who is looking for a new house. First, a note… The programing on HGTV has really declined since the housing bubble burst. A few years ago the network had a whole slew of shows dedicated to the art of house flipping. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it refers to the practice of buying a house with the express intent of performing a dramatic makeover and then selling it. In good economic times this can be a lucrative, if not risky, deal. For instance, a person might purchase a house for $200K, carry the mortgage for two to three months (usually while carrying a mortgage on the house they actually live in) and then sell it for $400K…

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One response to “Benedict and Rita South by Southwest, 2011:Day 6

  1. I still watch House Hunters – especially the ones where people go overseas and have to find a house or an apartment. The realtor in Paris with the beret is a hoot.

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