It’s summer. It’s hot. I’m tired… You’re getting leftovers tonight!

Seriously, this is the post that more or less started it all. Although I had been blogging for a while; this post attracted quite a bit of attention and for that I am grateful.

There are two reasons why I post this tonight. The first is that a friend recently read a more current post. I wanted to give him a taste of some earlier work. The second is because in reading through this I noticed a milestone…

This is the very first post that received a comment by Annie! FYI, she is my most prolific commenter and such a inspiration to me to just keep writing. So Annie, read and enjoy. This one’s for you!

Harvey Millican: Raising Your Kids Without Lowering Your IQ

So much has transpired in the past twelve hours I haven’t really had a moment to catch my breath. It is now after midnight, my children and wife are asleep, and I am trying to slowly exhale all of the excitement onto this page so as to let it all out. Stick with me, though, this is going to be good.

Today was my first full day of summer vacation. Our plan was (for me) to sleep in a little then watch the kids while Karla did some work, go to lunch with our friend Crista, and head out for the beginning of our month long road trip. We were supposed to finish the day in Harrisburg at my sister Mary Ann’s house where might even get in some time at the pool before the sun set over the western horizon. Our son had other plans. Upon returning from our…

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