One Month into Eternity

A month ago today my dad departed this world and went home.

There used to be a tradition (when those things mattered) of celebrating a month of masses or offering other prayers for the repose of the dead.  On the last day a mass was celebrated in thanksgiving.  This was called the “Month’s Mind Mass”.

I don’t know if Dad was too familiar with the custom as I think it died out long ago.  But I think it’s a nice gesture still.


Exactly how I remember him.  He loved crosswords; but he’s missing his pipe in this picture.

I still think it’s so awe-inspiring that God made us to ultimately be with Him in a place where there is no time such that we can sort of grasp it yet never fathom what it means.

Think about that.  He’s now been in eternity for a month.  Kind of ironic, isn’t it?

No matter, though, I wanted to take a moment once again to thank all the many people who showed their love and offered their consolation over the past few weeks.  You know who you are.  Dad would have appreciated that you took the time to come to his wake, send flowers, or simply reach out in sympathy.

I appreciate that I had Dad for 39 years which is far more than some people get with their fathers.  And I ask everyone to continue to pray for his family.

Love you, Dad.


One response to “One Month into Eternity

  1. God rest his soul!

    I do think communities such as Clear Creek monastery in OK do the Gregorian Masses which is the 30 days of Masses said for a specific person.

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