Bad Casting – Crossing the Line

What the heck… let’s do a Daily Post prompt!  Tonight’s theme is “crossing“.

This evening I sat down to watch a movie with my lovely wife.  She enjoys movies.  I enjoy being in her presence.  It’s a win-win situation.

Earlier in the evening she had sent me to the nearest Redbox to fetch said movie.  I must say I was taken aback when she told me what it was I’d be getting.

“It’s called Florence Foster What now?” I said in bemusement.  “And it stars whom?”

“Meryl Streep,” replied my wife.

football track

The set of “Florence Jenkins Foster Griffith Joyner Kersey”. Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons, public domain

“What’s that old broad doing playing Flo-Jo?  For starters I’m pretty sure she’s not a runner.  Flo-Jo was an Olympic queen and an American icon!  Also, Meryl Streep isn’t black and has zero sass as far as I know.  Come to think of it, there’s really not much of a movie in Flo-Jo’s life, now is there?”  I immediately conjured up images of watching women darting around a 400 meter track for two hours.

I may have been drinking.

greek runner

Meryl Streep preparing for the role of a lifetime. Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

In fact it was halfway through the movie before I realized this was a tale of a woman with too much money and not many genuine friends.  She thought she could sing.  The ears of anyone within shouting distance knew she couldn’t.  But that didn’t stop this Flo-Jo.  A humorous concert at Carnegie Hall and then she read a bad review in the Post, slipped, and bumped her head.  She died.

I liked the black Flo-Jo much better.  She won gold and made us proud to be Americans.  And a bad review wouldn’t have killed her.

Have I crossed the line?

Did Meryl Streep cross the line when she dared to portray running royality?

Did Hugh Grant really think we’d believe he was Carl Lewis?

I’m crossing this movie off my list.

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