It’s Saturday morning, just after midnight in fact.  I can’t sleep.

I’ve been trying to adjust to the new schedule.  I just returned to teaching after a summer on the road.  I’ve been up every morning before 6 and out the door before 7 not returning home until almost 5.  Traffic sucks these days.  Wait until the public school kids are back in session next week.

Today I came home to discover that my son had gone to his grandmother’s house and was going to have a sleepover.  Funny, he’s only gone for the evening but I miss him.

I’ve been on another diet challenge.  I had gained ten pounds over the summer.  On August 1st I weighed in at 196.  My goal is to hit 186.2 by the 22nd.  This morning I was below that by a few pounds.  I can’t see a difference; but then I never can.

My sweet daughter spent the evening playing on my iPad.  She’s too cute.  She’s also growing up too fast.  They both are.  And they’re all God gave me and I feel like it’s all going too fast.

Sometimes I have these moments where everything just gets a little hazy.

And then I can’t sleep.

And then I write.


One response to “Sleepless

  1. They can be gone for a minute but it feels like forever in your heart. I miss my daughter already and she has only been gone 24 hours.

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