Love Your Gin Challenge: Day 7

It is upon us…  The final day of the Love Your Gin Challenge!

I nominate all people who love gin and fun to keep this going!  I challenge you!  You can do it!

Here now, day 7:

Sapphire, I love you.  We’ve been through ups and downs.  We’ve shared a lot of memories and thanks to you I’ve lost a lot of those memories.  Every day is bright when you’re waiting for me at home.  You’re my friend, my partner.  Thanks for being there for me and for being so awesome!

Thanks to my kids for helping me film this.

Once again, I can tell that there will be people out there who’ll read this post and say: “Wow…  He carried this just a bit too far.”

But that’s me.

Whatever challenge awaits me in the future, Sapphire will be there by my side.


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