Well That Was Fun; But I’m Back Now

Ah summer…

For a teacher (like me), it can be filled with lots and lots of fun.

For a dad (like me), it can be filled with many opportunities for practicing the virtue of patience.

Readers of this blog will note that I have been away for most of the past two months.

That is because I took my summer vacation and my kids (wife too) and traveled the continent on a 13,000 mile road trip.  One day I will write about it here.  Fortunately I documented the whole thing day by day on another blog.

Those opportunities for patience?  Didn’t happen.  The kids were (mostly) awesome.

Back to the Grind

Alas, all good things must come to an end.  Today I returned for an eleventh year of teaching.  It’s good to be back at teaching.  Still, these first days back, without the students, is more of a journey down a road fraught with anticipation and anxiety.  I wonder what the year will be like and what kind of kids I’ll get in my classes and the like.

I’m also sad to leave the daily hours spent with the loves of my life.  Last night my son begged me not to go back.  Sorry, kiddo…  If Daddy don’t work, you don’t eat.  That’s kind of the drag of employment and wanting to eat.

Back to the Other Grind

Along the way of said epic road trip I achieved a goal and then celebrated.  Right before I left I had quit running.  I had also started a 21 day diet fix and a 21 day extreme workout.  Without really appreciating it, I lost about 10 lbs. and met my goal weight.  As a result I won $48 from DietBet (the app I was using).  I say I didn’t appreciate it because I have a tendency not to take in things like this.  Having gained the 10 lbs back (another story for later) I can look back and realize I had achieved a pretty neat goal.  My clothes fit perfectly, even a little loose, I felt great, I was stronger, I had no lovehandles!  I didn’t realize all of this until I gained it back.

How’d that happen?  Well, having met my goal and realizing I was on a 13,000 mile road trip where I was in the car a lot, I decided to just live life and enjoy the time I was having.  I don’t regret it.  If I could lose something small like ten pounds in three weeks I could certainly do it again.

And that’s what I’m embarking on today.

Same challenge as before, same DietBet app.  This time I’m in a larger pool so I’ll hopefully win more cash.  Still probably never going to run again.  That ship sailed.  I don’t want to be a distance runner and other than realizing I was beginning to like running, it was doing nothing for me.  The diet, on the other hand, was the first thing that actually went a long way towards helping me see the results I’ve wanted to see for years.  Even the crazy tabatas I had been doing, while great for boosting my endurance, didn’t help much.  The things is, I think, I needed something to show me results.  If I can see my body transforming then I can believe that I can do more.  Let me get this diet down first, start to see a better shape, and then I can focus on maybe one day going for another goal like getting totally jacked.  In my mind I know that’s a complete joke since it will never happen but it still made me laugh to write it.  I can be content being an average Joe knowing that I was able to meet my initial running goal of 2 miles and that I shed enough fat to look more like a normal adult male and less like the Pillsbury Doughboy.  And I promise not to get too jealous when I see other men older than me who look like rock stars.  I’m a theology teacher.  And I like disco.

Just Try Not to Grind

Forgot to mention that along the way I broke my front tooth in half.  When I got home three weeks later I had work started on a bridge.  That just means the dentist pulled the tooth and ground down the surrounding teeth in order to cement a set of porcelain teeth in its place.  Good news is that the bridge will give me a near perfect set of front teeth.  Bad news is that the temporary bridge I have until the other one is ready has already fallen out once.  How funny would it be if it fell out again on the first day with my students and I had to teach them looking like a meth addict?


One response to “Well That Was Fun; But I’m Back Now

  1. Wow, you had quite a summer, and one your kids will always happily remember! You are not an “average Joe;” you are more of a
    Hubba-Hubba Harvey. 🙂 Wishing you well in meeting your weight goal!

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