Time With the Kittens

I have come to hate cats.  So I’m not sure why I call my kids “kittens”.

Tonight after my third parish meeting in as many days I headed home.  As I got in the car I texted my wife.  “Kids all done with their activities?” I asked.  In my absence my wife was going to do their Lenten Scripture reading and start the rosary with them.

I was asking because I really wanted some “Daddy time” with them.  I was hoping they were all finished.

They’re growing up so fast.  I’ve been trying to limit my evening events so that I can spend more time with them.  Things were simpler a few years ago when my school day ended earlier.  They were younger and the afternoon time seemed more meaningful.  Now it feels like they’re busier than me some days.  Piano, gymnastics, basketball…  I wanted to just sit down and watch something on TV with them tonight.

Alas, they had not prayed their rosary.  So we got to do that.  Then my wife had a night-time business call to which she had to attend.  And I got my “Daddy time” in the form of putting them to bed.

I fell asleep for an hour in my son’s bed.

I want quality here, not quantity.

Perhaps one day we’ll all slow down.


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