The One’s With a “3” on Them

After the fun and excitement of last week’s dental fiasco (the root canal that wasn’t, that crown that shouldn’t have been) I got the joy of an early morning dental visit again yesterday morning.  First, no one should be allowed to schedule a visit to the dentist before noon.  It’s just wrong.

The problem this time?  Well, the tooth right below last week’s crown has been bothering me.  If we’re keeping score that’s a lower right molar.

He looked in my mouth after taking an X-Ray and confirmed that there was an abscess.  The normal course of action is to treat it with an antibiotic and a painkiller.  In this case he prescribed Tylenol with Codeine.  Those are the happy little pills with a number “3” on them.  Not sure why.

Here we are almost 48 hours later and guess what?  The pain has not subsided.  Four to five hours after popping two of these bad boys (I guess that makes it Tylenol #6?) the sharp, shooting pain of tooth decay picks up in my jaw right where it left off.

Last night it was so bad it woke me up at 1:15 AM.  Lucky me.  On leaving my bed and heading to the couch (because that’s where all sick people belong) I flipped on the TV to watch an hour long program on the Smithsonian Channel called Aerial America.  It’s a stunning panoramic flyover of a particular state narrated by a man who sounds as excited to be telling you about it as the people who call Iowa home.

I learned so much about Iowa.

Wonder what state they’ll cover tonight because I know this is not going away any time soon.


One response to “The One’s With a “3” on Them

  1. Hope you feel better soon. Are you supposed to check back in with the dentist? Would warm salt water swoosh help? (It’s good for sore throats, maybe it’ll help a sore tooth.) Maybe get a second opinion.

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