What Gets Fat, Must Get Lean (and Ashen)

Today is Ash Wednesday.

Got my ashes!

So did a coworker who nonchalantly tried to photobomb my selfie.  Well at least when I see him at work I’ll know if he actually reads my blog.

More to the point, Lent usually brings about some resolutions (because those from New Years have completely fallen by the wayside).

Yeah, I think it’s time I put Christmas and my brother’s death behind me and get back to fitness (and not “fitness whole pizza in ma mouth”).

Tomorrow, I hit the gym again (metaphorically, since I use body weight movements).


2 responses to “What Gets Fat, Must Get Lean (and Ashen)

  1. Our Methodist church around the corner advertised “drive-thru” ashes –
    how exactly does that work, I wonder? I didn’t even know Methodists distributed ashes on Ash Wednesday…

    • There are a number of Catholic parishes that do that as well. It’s disturbing. First, Ash Wednesday is NOT a holy day of obligation. No need to even be at mass. Second, aren’t we encouraging people who only want the outward symbols?

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