The British Invasion

They have arrived…

We are currently hosting houseguests in the persons of our friend Crista (apparently without an “h”) and her husband of three and a half months, Ken (also apparently without an “h”, or “hache” as he says because he’s English).

Crista is from Philadelphia.  The only reason I associate with her is because she’s the daughter of my most-prolific-blog-reader, the world famous Annie!  That’s not quite true.  I mean, she is Annie’s daughter but we like her too.  Ken, when asked where he was from, responded something to the effect of “Do you know where Manchester is, lad?  Sure you just drive about forty minutes south and we’re just a small village all of 3 crows in from the coast and 12 kilometers up from Devonshire-on-Heights.”  Why yes, Ken, I know exactly where that is.  Could’ve just said London.  Same difference.

Anyway, they’re in Lone Star country now so we took them to fire lead bullets at paper.  Because you can’t do that in England or Philadelphia (legally)

Ken and Crista take down Walt White.   God bless Texas!


One response to “The British Invasion

  1. Looks like so much fun! Did you get Ken a cowboy hat?

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