Journey Home: We Made It… Barely

Yes, I’ve been writing these a day after the events.  Sue me.

So it’s Sunday

The reality is it’s the following Sunday but I’m telling this as though it was after midnight (early Monday morning) about the previous day’s events (Sunday).  Make sense?  Again, sue me.

Waking at the convent was an interesting experience.  My wife, first to the shower, informed me with as much love as she could muster: “Honey, it’s not cold per se but; let’s just say the nuns enjoy a sacrifice.”

Let’s just say that if I wasn’t already infertile, this shower certainly didn’t help matters.

It was 15 degrees outside our well-appointed cloister apartment.  Inside it wasn’t too bad.  We walked outside after getting ourselves and the kids dressed and headed down the block to the main entrance of the cloister church.  Mass with the sisters (all except our friend were behind a wrought iron screen on the other side of the sanctuary) was quite moving.

We thanked them for their prayers, gathered our belongings, and headed out.  Our one and only stop was twenty minutes north.  Our kids have been to Niagara many times but were still young enough the last time that they really don’t remember it.  Unfortunately, the falls, though not frozen over (they do that sometimes) were so obscured by the bright sunlight and a frozen mist that we really couldn’t see much.  Also, we hadn’t brought passports so we stayed in New York where the view is never as spectacular.

Back on the road we journeyed across New York State and took our turn south at Syracuse.  We headed through the Poconos in Pennsylvania.  We entered New Jersey at the Delaware Water Gap.  In fact, we encountered zero trouble on the road until we got to the exit for our town.

That’s when all hell broke loose.  Turns out the new mayor is a boob, and not the good kind.  You see, even though the snow had ceased falling more than 36 hours earlier, he had not dispatched a single plow.  It’s not as if this place isn’t prepared and doesn’t own a fleet of snow removal equipment.  Man, from that ramp to my sister’s house it took us over an hour.  Again, I periscoped the whole thing and the commentary was glowing.  I may have found my niche.  Even got a run in, though unplanned.  After getting stuck at the top of a steep hill along with five other cars, we did the neighborly thing and helped push each other out of the intersection.  But, once moving, my wife didn’t want to stop.  I got to chase her down a whole city block in two feet of packed snow with only casual shoes on my feet.

We were home.  Tomorrow comes early as we prepare to prepare.


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