Journey Home: Outpacing the Blizzard

Woke up this morning and got breakfast.  Then we packed the car again and headed out.

We quickly passed the St. Louis Arch where my wife, now the passenger, snapped a picture.  A niece had remarked on Facebook that following my posts was like playing Carmen Sandiego.  Posting that picture she remarked that it looked like we were at a sad, gray McDonald’s.

We continued across southern Illinois and then into a town I had heard about but never actually visited — Terre Haute, Indiana.

I think Columbia House was located here.  It makes sense since this place was so depressing only a large pyramid-schemed corporation selling 25 CD’s or audio cassettes for a penny could have created this town.

It was on our approach to the local Cracker Barrel that I discovered an outlet for my grief in the social media app Periscope.  I began live-streaming our journey and picking up family and friends as viewers.  We even devised a game.  We would play “The Price is Right” in the Cracker Barrel store while live streaming.  My nephew in Maryland guessed the price of the first item we held up — a pocket tornado — to the cent.

We continued on across Indiana.  In Indianapolis I took a video re-enacting the opening sequence to One Day at a Time complete with the theme playing through our car stereo.  Thank God for youtube.

Soon it was into Ohio.  We drove through Columbus and then made our turn north toward Cleveland.  Remember that blizzard?  It had pretty much slammed New Jersey.  We knew we couldn’t traverse Pennsylvania and that a routing through Erie, PA and into Buffalo was our only option.

Looks like we’re sleeping in a convent…

We called an old friend who happens to be the extern in a Carmelite monastery.  Before we knew it we had been ordered by Mother Superior to spend the night in the convent’s guest quarters.

It is so good to have friends literally everywhere.  And even though I never thought I’d be driving to my brother’s funeral at this stage of my life I also never thought I’d be an overnight guest at a cloister.

God is good.

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