Reason(s) to Believe

My niece’s husband was in town this evening.  He came through on an 18 hour business trip.  So we met up with him for dinner.  What a fun time!  It was nice to see him.  They’re expecting their first child.  In moments like this I appreciate sharing my voluminous knowledge of all things daddy-hood.  So when I had mentioned both of them to him we sat down to eat.

Tonight’s prompt is somewhat of a faith-inspired theme.  You all know I’m a man of faith so let’s dig in.

In Reason to Believe, Bruce Springsteen sings, “At the end of every hard-earned day / people find some reason to believe.” What’s your reason to believe?

I almost want to disqualify the prompt right off the bat on the grounds that I loathe Bruce Springsteen.  Being from New Jersey, most people assume I love Springsteen.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I won’t bore you with the details but suffice it to say I wasn’t born to run.

For me, there are many reasons to believe.  Let’s get the serious one’s out of the way first.  I believe because I have been given the gift of faith at baptism.  But in my daily life, there are so many little things that inspire me and strengthen my faith; they make me believe.

First there’s my wife.  I believe I’m not all that bad because a pretty awesome (and hot) woman wakes up next to me every morning.  She helps me believe in myself.

Then there are my kids.  I believe the world is not doomed because God created them to carry on another generation.  They help me believe in the future.

My students…  I believe in the human spirit because of their courage and joy (even when they don’t recognize it) when they face every single day of the most difficult, emotionally-challenging time of their lives learning about God’s creation with me.  They help me believe in the story of the human race.

music notes

Follow along…

But then there’s music.  Not Springsteen.  God I hate him…  I recently recommitted myself to one of my first loves – the piano.  My kids are playing now, taking lessons.  When I play, they take notice and it inspires them in their practice.  I decided a few months ago to tackle a few new pieces every three-five months.  These are performance pieces so they take a while to master.  Back in October I sat down and started tapping out a Mozart Sonata I had found in one of my old books.  Tonight I got through the first four pages without missing a note and without the book in front of me.  Only ten more pages to go (the thing plays out over 12 minutes).  But the piece itself…

When I hear music such as this, I believe that God loves His creation.  I believe He gifted certain men with the ability to see things a little deeper, to experience a little more of His divine mind for music – beautiful music – is of God.  I believe the He wants us to rest with Him for a brief moment in our busy lives every now and then and hear some of the symphony of heaven.  I believe.  I believe that He believes in us.

Please stop and say a prayer for my brother.  If you haven’t been following, he has pancreatic cancer and is not long for this world.  A Hail Mary, anything…  You are forever in my prayers and I am grateful always.


2 responses to “Reason(s) to Believe

  1. Hello! I didn’t know your blog. Coming from a man who is not religious, I found your post very motivating and true.

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