Straight A’s

Tonight’s Daily Prompt asks the most ridiculous thing.

Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.

As if I’d ever get a “B”.  Ha.

And why last weekend?  Why not today?  Regardless I’ll give it a stab.

I can tell you what I didn’t do first, since that might give greater contextual appeal.

Last weekend I did not:

  • Work out
  • Run
  • Drink with my trainer (because he hate me)  *Follow the link, Trainer.  It’s a joke.
  • Get my kids to sleep at any reasonable hour
  • Go to the gun range

These drunk bears really know how to jam.  The beat drops this January.

That aside, last weekend was a triumphant return for me after a five day hiatus.  Returning to the studio after an exhausting tour of three classrooms in one city over the span of a week, this weekend started out with every promise of success.  The first single of this album dropped Friday night and it is appropriately called “Resting in Nothingness”.  “Resting” offers something for every listener.  However, those who busy themselves with the mundane tasks of life by finding joy in bizarre tasks will really appreciate the bass line of this joint.  “Resting” draws upon the artist’s desire to rest and do nothing.  The track, though, lasts only 22 seconds before being taken over by the only other song on the album — “These Kids Have Taken Over My Life”.  With a decidedly different beat and radical departure from the intro, “Taken Over” screams, smashes, and beats you over the head until you are forced to either obey its primary school madness or run out of your house and into the street stark naked and raving like a crazy person.  Eventually by the 46th refrain, the listener settles into the rhythm and begins to accept and enjoy metaphorically serving these children-masters until he has nothing left to give and the song abruptly ends.  There is a hidden track called “Expenses” that plays a subliminal message — “Schooling, wedding, Christmas presents…” — on a loop for 20 years.  There’s nothing you can do; that one just plays whenever it wants to.

All in all, Harvey at the Weekend plays like everything you ever wanted it to sounds like.  The best part of this album is listening to it with the ones you love.  Sit down with your family and play it in the background at dinner.  Pipe it into your earbuds while you’re out on a run.  Stream it through youtube on your phone for your Trainer while you drink.  This is one album sure to get an A+ on the list of all-time greats.

Returning to a reality wherein I am not an employee of Billboard…  It was a very good weekend.  This weekend?  Well if I hadn’t had to write a review of last weekend in a bizarre format I’d be half-way through telling about it by now.  You’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.  In fact, by then I may have picked up the 6 more followers I need to hit the magic 500…

We shall see.

Before I forget, would you all in your charity please continue to offer prayers for my brother who is dying of pancreatic cancer?  A simple gesture of raising your hearts and minds to God means so much and I surely appreciate it.  Thank you, prayer warriors!


4 responses to “Straight A’s

  1. Can’t wait for the next Harvey Weekend Update!
    Will continue to keep your brother and all your family in my prayers.

  2. Loved your post – hate cancer. Sending thoughts of healing and comfort.

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