The Jig Is Up!(Sort Of)

In lieu of the prompt, tonight I thought I’d blog about something even better…

First, you must remember that a few nights ago I wrote a post wherein I mentioned the poet Robert Frost.  Got it?  OK.  Let’s go…

Perhaps by now you may have figured that “Harvey Millican” is a pseudonym.  In fact, I haven’t even gone to the greatest of lengths to hide my real identity insofar as the following.  If you venture all the way back to a few years ago you’ll note that there was a slow awakening in my of the desire to conceal my real name and the names of my family.

Early posts?  Yeah, I didn’t even try.

Why the gradual shift?  I began to realize that as a high school teacher it is best simply to not advertise myself and my blogging endeavors.  I’ve always said that there’s nothing unseemly about what I write.  Everything here is true, good, and beautiful.

Sure I occasionally use a salty word but that’s life.  I’ve just always liked being able to keep my personal life personal from my work life.  Really, it’s just easier.  Anyway, I write these pages for my kids, not my coworkers or students.

Here’s the fun part.

Earlier this year a student asked my what my hobbies were.  I responded that I enjoy blogging.  “You have a blog?” she asked excitedly.  “Can I read it?”

“Here’s the deal,” I said.  “No.”

Then I relented after thinking better of myself.

“Tell you what…  If you can find it, you can read it.”

Seemed fair.  I mean, she could find it on her own and I can’t actually stop her from reading something.

“Deal,” she said.

But I could sense something was different about the way she said that.  She was non longer a teenage girl interested in the hobbies of her teacher.  Now sitting before me was a teenage girl on a mission.  And there ain’t no one more determined than that.  She was GOING to find Harvey.  But, a deal’s a deal, right?

Yesterday morning I arrived at my classroom to find the following.


And miles to go… before I find blogging anonymity.

 Remember that post I wrote?  The one about Frost?

Yeah.  Although I knew immediately the significance, I played it off casually.  I asked a few other teachers who use my room if they had been teaching anything about 20th century American poets.  They teach theology also so, no, they had not.  I did not see this girl’s class until today.

End of the day, she walked into the room for class.  I held up the page.  I held it right in her face.

“My dear, do you have something you want to tell me?” I asked.

Sheepishly she smiled.

“No,” she replied.

“Let me rephrase this.  You found my blog, didn’t you.”   I said this with no hint of accusation.  She had told me she was going to find it.

“My God,” she said, “it took me 30 minutes of straight searching!”

We laughed.

And then I found ten dollars.

The moral of this story is that teenage girls WILL find your blog.  And when they do, they will leave proof, like a serial killer’s calling card, that they did.  And they you will laugh.  And then you will find cash.


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