The Worst that Could Happen

Straight away to the Daily Prompt…

Of all the awful possibilities, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to you today? Now, what about the best?

Well, today was quite a nice day for us as a family.

Unfortunately, I believe the worst thing that could happen just unfolded about twenty minutes ago.  Those with little carbon-copy versions of themselves wandering around their homes, eating like bottomless pits, and screaming “Daddy!” periodically throughout the day will understand perfectly well.  For everybody else, follow along.

Many years ago (OK, like five years ago but work with me) I lamented to my beautiful wife that I “just wanted our evenings back”.  What I meant was that, after just a few short years of wedded bliss, I missed those peaceful evenings we used to have.

I had gotten heavy into blogging but that was usually done from the couch with my laptop and never took more than a few minutes.

We had a lovely home with a cozy family room that was as warm as it was inviting.  There had been a time when she and I would sit down at night, watch some TV, and chill.  Do I mean that like “Netflix and chill”?  We were still newly married…  But I digress.

Monday Night's are soooo boring

Our old family room.  Cozy?  Yes.  Perhaps a bit too cozy…  Sleep has always interfered with my plans.

What was zapping our couple time were the kids.  Our newborn daughter wasn’t much of a problem.  It was our son who demanded our time.  He’s just the kind of kid who needed someone to lie down with him at night or he couldn’t fall asleep.  The problem is that one of us (usually me) would invariably fall asleep with him.  And there went the night.  Most of the time I’d end up waking sometime after midnight, disoriented, bleary, and unable to go back to sleep.

And after the passage of a few years, not much has changed except that the kids are bigger.

So tonight I went to take a shower, still “Saturday’d” up.  That is, I jumped out of bed this morning just in time for son’s basketball and gymnastics but with not enough time to bathe.  I wore it well though.  Went through the day with a trip to the hardware store, the grocery store, confession, and a game of Clue.

By the time I emerged from getting fresh tonight my wife had gone in to lie down with our daughter.  My attempt to rouse her was unsuccessful.  It’s tough being a parent.  And one day these kids might understand what we gave up for them.  Ha.

Maybe my trainer is reading this right now thinking “Hey, I wonder if he’d like to come discuss running… and drink.”

The best thing that could happen today?

Falling asleep with the other kid.  I don’t care how big they get; they’re still my babies.

Or my wife could wake up and we could chill.


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