The Things I Do…

Classic Harvey time again!

It’s fun when you realize you have so many archived posts that you can share your favorites on a weekly basis. It’s also fun going back through old posts to see what’s changed and what’s the same. I loved this day and writing about it was so much fun.

Harvey Millican: Raising Your Kids Without Lowering Your IQ

It must be the estrogen.  Yes, the volatile cocktail of surging estrogen levels and all the other changes taking place within the prepubescent girl’s life have got to be the root cause.  I have never understood it fully (boys are no different) so I’ll just pin it on the hormones.  Why do they go nuts for someone with such strange looking hair?  Today I took my niece and her friend, Genevieve, to the movies.  I still don’t know why we say “the movies” when we’re usually only going to see one film.  Either way, I wanted to do something nice for her on account of all that she does for us and because it’s Valentine’s weekend, and because she’s been dying to see this flick for weeks.  The movie was called Justine Beaver: Never Say Never.  It’s a wannabe bio-pic concert movie about the latest teen singing sensation and…

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