Missing Old Stats

I’ve always been curious about this issue. That is, what in the world happened with my stats a couple of years ago?!

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one as Debbi, a phenomenal blogger, commented in this post from February 2013 that she wondered the same thing.

For reference, there was a time when my stats were topping out routinely in the upper hundreds range, nearing a thousand. Like, every day.

I think WordPress recalculated how they measure these things; but I still long for those old days of high numbers. They were fun.

Anyway, happy Friday folks!  I’m just doing my usual pre-dawn thing.  Checking out my blog and drinking my coffee while I delay getting ready for work.  Enjoy the day.  I’ll be back later with a response to the prompt.


Typical day once upon a time.  Check out the old WP iOS interface.


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