Christmas in the Fatherland: Day 9

I thought I’d take things in a slightly different direction today.  I’ve actually done this once or twice before so it’s not a complete innovation.  Today, we set off for an excursion into Manhattan.  At Christmas time, there’s no better place to spend a day.  Since I loved this so much growing up, I couldn’t not bring my kids to share in the joy.  Here now, the pictures.

First up (not pictured) was a visit to Toys-R-Us Times Square.  My brother works in Times Square (with the group that actually organizes the ball drop) and he met up with us for a few moments.  Turns out this was the last day this location of this particular toy store would be open.  Bought a $20 toy crown for 18 cents.  No joke.  Nicest of all was that my brother handed each of my kids a fistful of the actual confetti that would be tossed from the rooftops in a just a few nights!

Next up, the M&M Store…

Personalized some candies…

The Rockefeller Center tree is still magnificent (even in daylight).

The crypt containing the remains of Bishop Fulton Sheen

Exchanging scarves with my son shows my fashion savant.

My son finally got to see the statue of Balto the sled dog in Central Park.  He’d read a book about him a few months back and couldn’t stop talking about it.

We tired them out so much that on the ride home (through the Holland Tunnel) they didn’t even flinch from their sleep when I pointed out the state line.  I used to love this as a kid.  Still think it’s pretty neat.


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