Christmas in the Fatherland: Day 6

I hate when Christmas is over.

Fortunately, there is a whole Christmas Season!

My wife felt better this morning.  Then again, after what she expelled last night I should imagine she feels like a rockstar!

Today was moving day.  After spending our first few days with one sister, we packed up and headed three blocks away to another sister’s house.  There always seems to be more stuff to pack mid-way through a trip.

We spent the afternoon looking at Christmas memes online.  Oh, there was also the little matter of what I am calling the best moment of 2015.

My teenage niece was playing a Wii game.  I’d tell you what it’s called but I’m sure I’m wrong.  Just Dance, Just Party, Just do some Blow…  One of those.  The basic idea is that it’s a karaoke and you get points based on how well you sing the song.

She flipped past a few songs and then settled on one.  I glanced at the title screen.  I think I know of this song.  But how does she know it?  She’s 12.  This song was obscure enough before she was born.

Then, without warning, she began to belt out the words to I Believe in a Thing Called Love by a British group called The Darkness in complete heavy metal screeching falsetto.  Turns out she saw it, studied it, and perfected it because hey, that’s just who she is.

I have not laughed so hard in a long while.

Is anyone else here feeling like throwing up tonight?  We might just have this virus under control…


One response to “Christmas in the Fatherland: Day 6

  1. Sounds like it was a rollicking Christmas in Newark! Hope all the germs are gone and you enjoy the rest of the Christmas season!

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