Merry Christmas, Annie!

I came home from work two days ago and saw a large cardboard package on my kitchen counter with my name on the address label.

I LOVE presents!

I ripped open the cardboard to find a perfectly wrapped package.

This was intriguing.

To: My favorite blogger
From: Your favorite fan

I knew right away…

The perfect Catholic school penmanship of which she and I have spoken in the past gave it away.

My friend Annie who reads these pages more faithfully than anyone, who understands the value of a comment to a blogger, whom I finally got to meet a few months ago had sent me a Christmas present.

And what was the present?

I tore open the paper eagerly and uncovered…

Cow Yoga!

As we enter 2016 I will laugh every single day as I look upon images of Holsteins in yoga poses.  This is priceless!  Clearly she remembered my affinity for bovines.

Thank you, Annie, and may you (and all my readers) have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


One response to “Merry Christmas, Annie!

  1. Glad you like the calendar, Harvey! I saw it in the store and immediately knew it was for you. May you and your family enjoy a very Merry Christmas and many blessings in the New Year! (By the way, I love the snow falling! How do you do that?)

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