Thanks For That

So I’ve determined that running just is not for me.

What really sucks is that I’m determined and I always finish what I start. But last night was brutal. I’m visiting a friend in Denver. I knew I needed to do some kind of a run. Last week (Thanksgiving) was tough because of a four-day rain storm and, well, Thanksgiving. Last night I stepped out into 26 degree, relatively thin air. That was, admittedly, a mistake. 

But what a discouraging mistake. I had to stop three times in the course of running one measly mile. My lungs were hurting. My hands were numb. When I got back inside a friend texted me.

“You inspired me! I went for a run tonight. First time in three years.”

“How’d you do,” I asked, assuming he would have had the same kind of experience I’d had when first started off three months ago – slow and steady. 

“Only two miles in 17 minutes,” he replied. 

To review, a man who hasn’t run in three years just ran an 8:30 pace without stops for two miles. 

Thanks for that. 

Thinking of reevaluating my goals after the 5K next weekend. 


9 responses to “Thanks For That

  1. This is your cheerleader speaking: Don’t give up! Do your best and God will do the rest! If your goal is a 5K – you can do it, even if you have to crawl over the finish line. After that, if you enjoy being out in the fresh air, no reason for you to quit, even if it takes more time than you are happy about. Everybody has his own pace – don’t compare yourself to others. You are unique! You can do it! Yes! (Hope this helps. Thin air and 26 degree weather? – not fair to fool your body like that!)

  2. I agree with Annie! Turn to others for inspiration, but running has always been for me when life has been tough. Good luck!

  3. Good for you!!!! You went out and tried! I had a unique experience last night. I had a busy day and it was late afternoon when I was leaving Kirk and Tamara’s house so I sent a text to Kris and ask her to check movie times for “The Letters”. The new movie about Mother Teresa’s days of darkness. When I got to the Cinemark it was not on the marquee. I got bold went inside and ask if it was showing. The employee said yes there was a seven o’clock feature. I watched the entire show all alone in the theatre. The reason I bring this up is because 1) The movie was not scheduled to start until today the 4th. 2) If I had turned around and left without inquiring I would have missed an inspiring two hours. 3) Being alone in the theatre was like a little retreat. 4) You often inspire me with your adventurous spirit, you are not afraid to try anything and you always seem to be good at whatever you put your mind to.
    In one of her letters Mother Teresa says: “This work is much harder then I thought it would be.” She continued to be determined to do what God willed even if it was not easy and she felt very alone.
    Don’t give up you are doing great !!

  4. Just sent you a long winded response to this blog. I do not know where it went. Anyway you did the right thing running last night. You always excel
    in the things you try. You have a very adventurous nature and you never give up. Love ya and see you soon.

  5. Harvey,
    Definitely keep at it! I am also similarly “speed challenge” in running. I just laugh at a good friend who’s “lolly gagging” pace is 7:30/mile or so. GRRR..but he’s great about it and a good coach, so that helps considerably. I hope you keep it up!

    In Christo Rege,

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