Wilma Learns to Dance

Regular readers know about my mother-in-law Wilma and the crazy situations she finds herself in.  It’s kind of like watching an episode of I Love Lucy where she and I invariably end up playing Lucy and Ethel.

Take a gander at the picture below…  See if you can figure this one out.

Is it 1988?

So here goes my legitimate attempt at an explanation.

Wilma is going to be part of a flashmob.  Owing to the fact that I cannot think of those words without falling into a fit of uncontrollable laughter I should probably leave it at that.

7 responses to “Wilma Learns to Dance

  1. Would you please forward directions for the Electric Slide to me, as well as any pointers from the FlashMobette? May need to know this for an upcoming family wedding.. 😉

  2. Please, please please tell me you will be recording and sharing this event! Give Wilma my love too 🙂

  3. This post totally made my day!
    I hope you or Mrs. Harvey plan on recording this flashmob!!!

  4. Ooooh, I wanna learn with her!

  5. Love to all of you. Thanks for always supporting me in my eclectic endeavors. The next adventure after flash mob,will be volunteering at the the National Veterans Wheelchair Games. I am so blessed so have found a wonderful helping group like the DFW Airport Ambassadors.

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