It’s a Small World

Three years ago I had occasion to attend an event called “Bring 1D to the US”. This “event” was a two-day attempt by the British boy band One Direction at building up excitement and a fan base in the lucrative US market. It so happened that fans of this group in the Dallas area were more insanely rabid than their counterparts in other cities.

Anyway, don’t judge me. My 16 year-old niece Bridget was visiting and I’m a good uncle.
The first day was a crazy affair. Imagine if you will, over 10,000 teenage and pre-teen girls (and a few dads, uncles, etc.) stampeding through the narrow doors of a mall, rushing to get their hands on a deliberately limited supply of tickets for the actual concert which would take place on the second day.

Let’s just say…

We almost died.

But we got our tickets. And, we met some new people — fellow 1D fans. In fact, one young lady who stood with us as we slowly snaked through the line, made such an impact on my niece and me that we asked her to get in a picture. I posted that picture in a post at the time.

Random girl (L) and Bridgie (R) proudly display their entrance tickets.

Random girl (L) and Bridgie (R) proudly display their entrance tickets.

And I captioned it just like that. “Random girl”. That’s because Bridget and I could not remember her name when we got home.

Today, I walked into a classroom to sub for another teacher. I overheard two girls discussing One Direction. To my surprise, that group has outlived the life expectancy of the average British boy band and is still around (despite an apparent lack of talent). Sorry, I had to throw that in there.
I interjected when they mentioned that fateful day of a few years back. “Wait, were you guys at Stonebrier too?” I said. Looking puzzled, the girls asked me to explain my own presence at that event. I told them about Bridget and our experience. And while I was speaking with this girl I noticed something about her.

Talk about a small world…

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