The Adventures of Lap Child & Super 80!

Throwback as I’m once again traveling between the same two airports. Enjoy, and perhaps I’ll bang out a sequel.

Harvey Millican: Raising Your Kids Without Lowering Your IQ

Tonight, my dear ones, I am back in the air. I write this from about 35K ft and somewhere, from the looks of it, over the northern reaches of Virginia. The pilot informed us we had a “strong tailwind” so that means we should be landing in the Fatherland within the half-hour. While I’m sitting here I thought I would write a purely fictional account of my travels aboard this swingin’ luxury jet. Then I realized the truth was stranger.

20121120-025211.jpgFirst of all, the MD-80 (also known as the Super 80) is the workhorse of this particular airline’ fleet. I do believe it is the only plane I have ever flown with them, and I’ve flown quite a bit. In fact, if you live within a hundred miles of DFW International Airport, this one airline is pretty much the only game in town. My wife and I happen to live…

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