How Many Men Does It Take to Move a Play Set?

Tonight we found out.

If the play set in question is like ours and weighs one and a half metric tons, well, just four of us ought to do.

Earlier today I continued my “spring break” of house work by cleaning out the gutters and clearing some brush.

Tonight, I got out the grill, fired it up, mixed some signature margaritas, and welcomed some friends.  Joining me were my dart-throwing buddy and his wife and toddler son; a friend of theirs; and my wife’s nephew.  The four of us strapping men easily bring about 800 lbs. of solid muscle to the table.  OK, so maybe we bring 800 lbs. of mass to the table.  I like to think of myself as a family strong guy even in the years since my spinal fusion.  Sure the strength in my lower legs never fully recovered after the surgery but one thing I know is that my spine is pretty solid.  In fact, it’s fused.

But perhaps I should have waited to serve the drinks until after we moved the play set…

Needless to say, this thing got moved to its target destination.  Once I can add pictures to these posts again I’ll show you what it looks like.


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