A Teacher’s Spring Break, Day 3

Yeah, yeah…  What happened to days 1 and 2?  I just didn’t label them as such.  So sue me.

Actually don’t sue me.  You’ll be sorely disappointed in your endeavor.

Last night I made the lovely mistake of asking my precious daughter “Sweetheart, do you want Daddy to drive you to school in the morning or should Granny continue to do it?”

Her reply both melted my heart and made me realize what an asinine question it was.

“You, Daddy!” she said.  “You’re so much fun when you drive us to school!  We get to listen to crazy music.”  She was referring to my morning disco selection.

And like that I had voluntarily given up all hope of sleeping in this week.

But for her (and her big brother) I’d give up sleep forever if they asked.t

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