Spring What Now?

As a teacher, I live for my breaks.  There are a few of them during the course of a year and in the month preceding each I get a little antsy, counting down the days.  I’m worse than my students!

There’s Thanksgiving break where, in Texas it seems, all schools get the whole week of Turkey Day off.  Then there’s Christmas and another two weeks.  Apart from a handful of three and four-day weekends scattered about, the next big break is, for us, in March…  Spring Break!

This year I decided not to plan anything.

And you know what happens when you don’t plan your break?

Someone else plans it for you.

But it’s all good.  Just yesterday I spent the day pricing tires and then getting them changed.

Actually, it doesn’t matter to me.  It’s a bit of a respite from the every day routine and it allows me time to spend with my kids.  Oh wait, they’re NOT on break this week.  Well, I’ll spend time with my wife!  Oh yeah, she’s working, albeit working from home but that almost seems worse because there’s pressure not to disturb her during the day.

I could hang out with my favorite mother-in-law!  That’s it!  We’ll watch The Ten Commandments together!  That oughtta kill a few hours and we’ve been meaning to do that for some time now.  I’ll just grab my coat and keys and…

What’s that noise?

Great…  rain, and it’s a downpour.  Guess I’ll just watch TV by myself until it clears enough for me to find something else to do.

Gotta’ love Texas weather.


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