Getting Ready for A Break

I know, some of you are asking “Didn’t he just take, like, a week off from writing?”

Yes, I did.  But I caught up, so zip it.

Now, one of the nicest things about being a teacher is a wonderful little invention of the modern education system called Spring Break.

I’m sure Dewey and Piaget had this in mind in their vision of a school system.

Nonetheless, this boy is ready for a week of doing… NOTHING!

Truth is, my wife has some plans for me and I’m happy to tackle that list.  I truly enjoy being a husband and father and part of that joy comes in living out the “provider/protector” role.   OK, so, teacher…  Probably never going to hit that first part too well but I can sure as heck try to protect my family by finishing some home projects that will keep us warm, dry, whatever.  Even if it’s just to hang a picture on the wall (or a set of rail-shelves my wife made for our kids bedroom), I’m trying my best to protect the wonderful home life that God and my wife have made for us here in a very cold, snowy, sunny, slushy, rainy, muddy, blue-sky…

It’s Texas in spring.  You get the picture.


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