What’s A Blogging Dad To Do?

New bloggers and veterans…

I need your advice. 

You may have seen my predicament yesterday. I’m out of space and can no longer post pictures. 

Should I 

  1. Delete old pictures
  2. Stop using pictures
  3. Pay $99 to upgrade

On the first option I wonder if this will simultaneously remove those pictures from the posts they were in. 

On the second, well, just no. 

On the third, it’s tempting and I would get my own domain but is there a guarantee that the site will be backed up somewhere in perpetuity? I don’t want to start shelling out cash to find that WordPress will shit down one day and I’ve lost everything I ever wrote. 


In the meantime, here’s my workaround. An emoji!

🍸 I need a drink…

7 responses to “What’s A Blogging Dad To Do?

  1. I think about all the photos I have on Snapfish – I still order prints because I wonder if Snapfish might just “go poof” some day.
    I’m interested to find out what your fellow-bloggers suggest.

  2. Mmmm well doesnt it say why u cant post pictures?….. if it doesnt try to delete some pictures or maybe they want you to upgrade(greedy bitches)

  3. I suppose if I had an extra 100 I’d pay. I’m no even close to that. Tough Good luck. Sorry no help

  4. Try to compress your pictures to make them smaller. This might free you up some space for a little while longer but this might be time consuming.

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