Are You A Man of Prayer?

Or a woman or prayer…

If you are, then would you please in your charity offer one up for me today.  I had a potentially life-changing (career-changing?) meeting this afternoon and your help in the cause would be greatly appreciated.

Keep the prayers coming (always).

Keep the prayers coming (always).

Anyway, it’s not as if it isn’t Lent or anything.  On that front, we’ve been praying our family rosary every night.  My fears have been allayed by God in that my beautiful babies have been so diligent in reminding us to gather for this family prayer time.  They love joining in the prayer and in remembering each night’s intentions.

As always, I pray for each and every one of you who reads this blog.  Truthfully it is a miracle that anyone other than me should be interested in the ramblings of an ordinary dad like me.

Keep at it folks.  Prayer is a multi-faceted gem, a powerful weapon in the arsenal of every God-fearing person.


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  1. If you get a chance to engage in this discussion on Intercession, your input would be greatly appreciated. Here’s the latest:

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