Weebles on Ice!

No, it’s not the Ice Capades…

On this second North Texas snow day in a row I thought I would find out what our old friends the Weebles are up to.

Bloggers note: In the set up for this post I found myself snapping at my five-year-old daughter “No no no, the Weebles are not toys.” To this she replied “Um, yes they are.”

Anyway, let’s see what happens when creatures who don’t fall down encounter ice for the first time.

Looking out the window from inside… She wonders to herself what is all that white stuff.

Grabbing a friend, she decides to explore. They venture where no Weeble has gone before.

“I was smart,” says Weeble Betty, “I brought a coat.”

“Check this out,” says Weeble Holly. “We can go flying!”

Afterwards, they warmed themselves by the fire before heading in.


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