Waiting for Godot, I Mean, Snow

Believe it or not, we actually get some winter weather here in North Texas.  My friends in other, more wintry parts of the country laugh when I tell them that.  But the truth is, in many ways, our winters are a bit worse because they are exponentially more bizarre.

Typically winter sets in around Thanksgiving.  No fall for us.  And almost every year the temperature around Turkey Day drop from a high of around 70 to a high of around 45.  That’s not too bad, I know.  But that’s the daytime high.  That means at night it can drop to the 20’s.

Two things contribute to the bizarre.  First, the whole region is generally dry as a bone.  That usually means no winter precipitation.  Cold and dry is the order of the season.  Second, there are just as many days between November and March where the temps bounce around from the 30’s to the 70’s like a ping pong ball being volleyed across a tiny net.  This leads to mass uncertainty about how to dress in the morning and to people getting colds they cannot get rid of.

Well, here we stand in the end of February and guess what?  We’ve got winter weather on the way!

As a teacher, this is exciting.  It means an unexpected day off.  I received my call around 7PM.  I will let you know how this Texas snow day goes in a future post.


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