Take Time to Read

Two new books came in the mail today!

Using an Amazon gift card I got from a student at Christmas, I ordered a few books for both me and the kids.

One book for my son came last week and he loves it.

One book for me came today. Don’t laugh, it is a pictorial history of the New Jersey Turnpike. Not only does it satisfy my love of the American road system. It also takes me back to my childhood growing up in the Gardenstate.


But the best book of all also arrived today. Ballerina Swan is one of those books that my daughter took out of the library so many times that they should’ve given it to us. Sort of like how Redbox let you keep the movie if you’ve had it out long enough.


I’d love to meet the author and illustrator of this book so that I can thank them for the countless hours of joy they have brought to my daughter. Sure, I supply the funny voices for the characters and the movements that they make while I read the story. but the story itself is sheer delight.

And nothing makes me happier than making my baby girl happy.

So take time to read. Do it for yourself and do it for your kids. You will never regret it.

One response to “Take Time to Read

  1. Who knew somebody wrote a NJ Turnpike book. Did you have to buy it with an EZ-Pass?

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