They DON’T Fall Down: Welcome Home, Weebles!

I told you they’d make their return to these pages, didn’t I?

Our old friends the Weebles have wobbled their way back into my life.

OK, so I found them stuffed into a box in a closet in the guest room but who’s counting.

So what’s their deal?  Well, I started blogging with these little creatures several years ago when I was just too tired to write a full-on post but wanted to challenge myself to post every single day.  I found that, through pictures, I could post a fascinating if not completely bizarre and implausible story.  It challenged my creativity and my sense of gravity.  You see, the wobble but don’t fall down.

At one point my collection grew to over 30.  You see my kids would act as cover, collecting them as “toys”.  Oddly I would never allow the kids to touch the Weebles.  Sorry, kittens, they’re too important to Daddy’s “work”.  But then we moved across the country and the kids lost interest.  This meant that they (the Weebles, not the kids) got packed away or consigned and, lacking a challenge from the kids, I got tired of them.

But somehow they’re back.  And now I get to involve my kids in the fun.  Tonight my son and daughter joined me for a Weeble photoshoot.  Let’s see what happened.

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One response to “They DON’T Fall Down: Welcome Home, Weebles!

  1. They are so gorgeous I can see alot of fun adventures staring these cuties 🙂

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