DVR Problems

Tonight was going to be movie night. We had planned a quiet evening. Kids would watch a movie in our room while we watched a movie we had DVR’ed in the family room.

Only thing is…

Son had set up some recordings of his own on the DVR and ours only allows two recordings at the same time.

Rather than watching The Whitney Houston Story on Lifetime (don’t judge) we were treated to a choice of Spider-Man or How To Train Your Dragon II.

In fairness he did ask earlier if he could record something. My wife, who granted him permission, simply hadn’t asked what time.

Oh well. Guess we’ll never know what happened to poor Whitney.


One response to “DVR Problems

  1. Didn’t she suffer from the bite of a radioactive spider, causing her to chase dragons into the North Atlantic? Or sing really high-pitched notes? I forget which.

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