New Bloggers, Still Doing OK?

Just thought I’d pose the question to the people who were so kind in following me and who also asked for advice in getting their blogging endeavors up and running.

Is there anything I can help with?  Would you like a topic or two about which to write?

Here’s a fun idea…  Over the past few years I have been blessed to be able to post as a guest contributor on the blogs of other people.  Who’d be interested in starting an informal post exchange?  Just a thought.

Either way, you’re still here two weeks into the new year and that’s a good sign.  You might have stopped going to your gym, crashed your diet, or pick up another pack of smokes but I suspect you started blogging (like me) because you enjoy writing.  So don’t let lack of time, lack of feedback in the form of comments and likes, or lack of hope keep you from doing what you love to do.

  • No time?  Really?  Wordpress is beyond simple to use.  Just commit to posting something short like, say, a picture and a caption.
  • No feedback?  Do you know how many months I’ve gone sometimes without a single comment or like on a post?  I know people are reading and if they’re not I’m still writing.
  • No hope?  Well, I think only the Holy Spirit can help you there; but perhaps the encouragement of other bloggers will give you a boost.

The beauty in writing is that human beings use it to express all of the above notions.

One final note…  You may notice that I used a bit of very simple formatting above in the ordered list.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with your formatting.  It can sometimes make the difference between a story well told and one that’s just cold.

Keep with it, friends!  I’ll keep reading.


15 responses to “New Bloggers, Still Doing OK?

  1. Well, this post must interested me. Thanks anyway it was helpful

  2. I find this very inspiring….thank you for sharing this with umm whoever is reading it? And true it does take alot of time to get notifications and stuff

  3. Great I am new, it’s a hole new world for me I am excited!

  4. Ive started to blog to document my adventures of turning 30 this year!

  5. Thanks. I think this is a brief but encouraging stuff. I am glad you wrote this really.

  6. oversizedthoughtss

    I found this inspiring, your recent blogs about new bloggers have really helped me and now i just hope i find a regular time to post blogs

  7. I’m a newbie! Glad I stumbled across this… It’s true that the comments/likes are not important. Not to me anyway. What is important is that I’m enjoying writing again. If people choose to read, great. If not, I’m still happy.
    I rediscovered my love for writing during some dark times. Luckily these have passed but this is my way of continuing with it and I’m ridiculously excited about topics I can blog about now! My first came due to not being able to sleep…

  8. Thank you for your post i have just started blogging again after a few years off. I started up a new blog as i needed to move on from my earlier one which was solely based on me and my health problems. I am now exploring writing posts on random thoughts,feelings and wherever thing takes me. I find it a bit harder this time as the likes and comments arent there and i have no idea whether what i am sharing is of any interest to others. But then i thought more deeply about it and have realized that technically i am not specifically writing for others it is more a sharing of insight and while it would be nice for likes and feedback through comments it isnt important.

  9. You really shared value to your readers 🙂 I’d like to add that whenever you write something to your readers, just focus the benefit on them. They don’t like reading your posts if the content is only about you.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  10. Will not loose hope sir….one day will surely get comments nd feedback too….

  11. I can never decide on a topic, and then I get discouraged.

    • Do NOT let yourself get down. That’s a spiral it’s hard to recover from. A good idea might be that when you feel creative you write a list of topics for yourself and use them one at a time. Otherwise, check out the Daily Post. I’ve used their prompts before. Most of them are good.

  12. I just started blogging today and saw this and thought it was great 🙂

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