Connecting With An Old Friend

Tonight I had an opportunity to spend some time with a friend of mine.

Truth be told, he’s not an “old” friend.  In fact he’s younger than me and we haven’t known each other more than a year and a half.

But tonight we had a chance to get together.  And I’m so thankful we did.  We hung out and enjoyed a few cocktails while catching each other up on the bizarre goings-on in our lives.

At the end of the night we joked that this is how men say they love each other.

“Hey, you wanna’ drink tonight?”

“Um, yeah, I guess.  I was gonna’ get online and game with my brother but I guess I could have a drink or two.”

And that’s it.  We took advantage of the goodness in God’s creation (i. e., distilled spirits) to cut loose and chat.  That’s how we do it.  No penned-in date on a calendar, no agenda.  No, just two guys and some alcohol on a patio talking about our lives.

Since I know he’s reading this, thanks for the conversation and thanks for the booze!  If you’re wondering whether I enjoyed my time, don’t think twice about it.  We should definitely do this more often.

Good times.

That's how us men-folk do it.

That’s how us men-folk do it.

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