Mixin’ It Up

It may not be exactly on the diet but dinner sure was good.

And why shouldn’t it have been?

It was “breakfast for dinner” night!

My beautiful wife made a feast out of a gift one of my sisters had sent for me and my daughter. We share a birthday (me and Baby Girl).

Who knew you could send a complete breakfast in the mail?! All came courtesy of The Loveless Cafe. Pancake mix, bacon, and syrup… And I might add it was the best bacon I’ve ever eaten!

Take my advice. Whether it’s with your blog, a meal, or just your life in general; everyone should mix it up once in a while.


4 responses to “Mixin’ It Up

  1. Pancakes are good to eat any time of the day!

  2. B4D is a rare treat here too. The kids always get excited for it!

  3. Winner winner, brinner dinner!
    That looks good!

  4. Mmmmmmm…. bacon. -drooling-

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