How’re My Babies Doing?

Hey new bloggers (and seasoned vets alike)!

It’s a new year and I think we’ve all caught a gust of wind for our blogging sails.  Just thought I’d check into offer some encouragement and see how things are going.

I have been inspired to post a bit more lately and I’m actually enjoying it again.  Also, I’ve received dozens of new followers and for that I’m grateful.

In the meantime, I quit my gym membership so that other resolution (to get in shape again) is going to take a slightly different turn.  A friend of mine (who’s also been a trainer in the past) is going to set me up with a routine involving just my body weight.

Until then, it’s back on the diet.  Fortunately, I get to eat like this.



3 responses to “How’re My Babies Doing?

  1. That actually looks pretty good, assuming that is meat under everything else 🙂

  2. Marc, it is meat (and just). Sorry, a little 1962 Missal humor. Yeah, it was a dish my wife made with some kind of Asian beef, brown rice, and broccoli. Very tasty.

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