Does It Have to End? Last Night of Christmas!

I am overjoyed at the number of new blogging friends I’ve been blessed with lately! And I’m super excited to continue down this wonderful path of writing with each of you. Thanks for providing some much needed uplift to my sagging sails.

Now to the topic… It’s the feast of the Epiphany and that means that for all practical purposes, Christmas is now officially over. true enough, there is one more week on the liturgical calendar. But if I had a real tree now would be about the time that I’d be throwing it out at the curb.

Makes me a little sad. I love Christmas. And with my Christmas break over tomorrow, it really feels like the end of the good times I’ve enjoyed these past two weeks.

Until then, I’ll keep these icicle lights up for one more night of burning bright! As always, all the best to you and yours!

PS: to the new bloggers who are just following me, I dictated this whole post using Siri on my WordPress app. Consider it for yourselves. It is very easy.

9 responses to “Does It Have to End? Last Night of Christmas!

  1. I love Christmas, too! I am a little tired of all the decorations cluttering up the living room, mostly because we have passed around the stupid flu. My house is a wreck, which makes me very unmotivated to do anything about it! Happy Epiphany to you!

  2. It does NOT have to end. Traditionally, the Christmas season ends on Feb 2, the feast if the Purification / Candlemas. At my pairish (and my home) the Christmas trees stay up and lit until then. So, you don’t HAVE to be in such a hurry 🙂

    • I’m all for going until Candlemas! And I’m all for celebrating Epiphany on the 6th. LOL. Do you belong to an EF parish? We have one here in my town in Texas and I’ve been before.

      • Yes we are EF/TLMers. Are you near Irving? I’ve been to that parish a couple of times whilst on business travel in Dallas a few years back.

  3. I won’t say I live in Irving (my own privacy policy) but Mater Dei is about a mile from my house. LOL.

  4. Yes it’s that time of year.

  5. My Christmas lights are still up. It makes ’em stand out even more when everybody else has brought theirs in. Usually I can blame the snow for not being able to bring them in, but sadly… not this year. Guess I’ll have to shut ’em down this weekend. Sigh.

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